Grooms Speech: 5 Things You Must Avoid if You Want to Give a Great Grooms Speech

Grooms SpeechGrooms Speech – 5 Things to Avoid

Now there are certain things you need to include in your grooms speech but there are also a number of things that you should avoid if you don’t want to your speech to end up on Youtube with a “How Not to….” in the title. You want to make your bride proud and impress your parents, your new in-laws and guests and I know that you can. You just don’t want to make one silly slip up that will ruin everything for you and leave you spending the rest of your wedding party with regrets. You want to give a great grooms speech and then relax and enjoy your day (and night!). So please, please (yes I am begging you) do not do any of the following if you want your wedding speech to be remembered for all the right reasons.

1.    Fluff the Beginning of Your Grooms Speech

If you mess up the start of your grooms speech you will struggle with the rest. Make a conscious effort make a strong impact at the beginning and you will have everyone onside. If you are speaking after the Father of the Bride, traditionally you will begin for thanking him for his speech. If you are nervous, one trick is to involve your audience by throwing out a question that they have to give a positive response to – Didn’t Jeff give a great speech? Or even just ask if everybody is having a great day before launching into your greeting. This way your first sentence is short and easy to remember and you have already gotten the audience involved with your speech and on your side. (I expect they are on your side anyway but now they are really rooting for you!) A strong start will give you the confidence you need to deliver your grooms speech without the pauses and the hmmmm’s and the aaaah’s that pepper and spoil so many wedding speeches

2.    Have One (or six) Too Many Before Your Grooms Speech

You can plan, you can prepare, you can practice but if you have a few too many before you give your grooms speech have no doubt about it, it will be a mess. I know it’s your wedding day and by all means have a glass of bubby when you arrive at the reception but don’t start throwing back the drinks, especially if you are trying to calm the nerves. If you give a drunken speech at best it will be slurred and your guests will be laughing nervously for all the wrong reasons. At worst you will get that false sense of bravery that we are all familiar with and include some of those embarrassing jokes or stories that had crossed your mind but that you had decided to save for another time. Can you hear it now? “I had written down all these nice things to say about my new mother-in-law but see this (as you scrunch up your notes in your fist), I’ve decided it’s my wedding day and I’m gonna tell you the truth. So here goes……” DO NOT DO IT!

3.   Don’t End  Any Thought With a Negative in Your Grooms Speech

What I mean by this is, we have all had difficult times and have met people along the way that we mightn’t like but your wedding day is a great day for you and your new bride. Do not bring the mood down by rambling on about how difficult life is or worse again by just how much of a pain the a** someone has been during your wedding preparations or indeed in life in general. If you want to have a moan do it some other time!  Now if you have overcome some difficulties and want to talk about how things have turned around, now that is different. Something like this can be heartwarming, inspirational and uplifting – “ Y’all know that I have had a really tough time since the accident. There were times when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and each spell in hospital seemed worse than the last but since meeting my amazing new wife, yes I can finally call her my wife to-day, her support, encouragement and love have given me a new lease of life and I feel like a new man, a better man!”

Grooms Speeches

4.    Grooms Speech – The Sin of Omission

There are some things you just cannot forget to say during your wedding speech. We have all read the headlines and the gossip after the Oscars or some other event. She didn’t thank her husband, are they getting a divorce? He didn’t mention the director – definite proof that they hate each other. – You get the drift. Find out more about what you need to include in your grooms speech.

5.    This is not War and Peace it is Your Grooms Speech

For some of you, you will breathe a sigh of relief here for others you need to take note. Your grooms speech does not and should not go on forever, and ever and…

If you can do it in 3-5 minutes that is great but it is your wedding day so if you want to give a slightly longer speech that is ok too. The wedding speeches should take up no longer than 25 to 40 minutes so co-ordinate with your fellow speakers and work out how long your wedding speech will be and stick to that. Lengthy monologues, no matter how entertaining you might think yours is, can become boring to those listening and if you lose your audience, you won’t get them back. Aim for quality over quantity in your grooms speech and you will be on to a winner.

Now you know what not to do in terms of your grooms speech, you are way ahead of many before you. Prepare your speech, deliver it with confidence and wow your guests and of course your new bride. Think it is time for another glass of bubbly now….

If you really want to deliver and outstanding Grooms Speech you might check out this resource! (Includes Groooms Speech Samples!)

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