Grooms Speech Videos

Grooms Speech Videos -  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

I have lined up a variety of grooms speech videos for you to help you get a feel for some of the speeches given. Some of them will be great and others, well not so good. I am not going to critique all the grooms speech videos but to kick things off  I have picked added some pointers or lessons that can be leared to help you improve and deliver a better grooms wedding speech. (see below

Grooms Speech Videos

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Grooms Speeches

The video below is billed as the “Probably Best and Most Emotional Groom Speech Ever”. Well it is in parts funny and the groom certainly got emotional but is this how you want to give your speech – I know you can do better than this.. Now I am not bashing the guy  – fair play to him and all the grooms before and after him for giving their wedding speech on such an important day. Giving a grooms speech is difficult and it certainly can be emotional  but I will give you a few pointers to overcome some of the difficulties he had so that your grooms speech has all the right elements, including humor and emotion but with a little more polish!



How to Give a Much Better Grooms Speech

  • When you are preparing your grooms speech, write it on cue cards and not a large sheet of paper. The paper does not look good and you can see in the video how he got lost part way through (more than once in fact.)
  • Have your notes at hand before it is your turn to speak. Don’t find yourself rummaging around in your jacket, on the table, under your chair etc for your grooms speech notes.
  • By all means include some humor in your wedding speech but make sure it is all appropriate for your audience. “Potty” type references may be ok for some audiences but not for others – you know your guests so judge accordingly.
  • Practice your grooms speech over and over before the wedding. Say it out loud and preferably in front of a mirror. Make sure you learn key quotes well and don’t stumble over these important moments in your speech.
  • You can’t account for the emotion of the day, but if you find certain aspects of your grooms speech difficult emotionally when you are practicing, such as remembering those loved ones that have passed, it will likely be more difficult to talk about this on the day itself. I am not suggesting that you leave out such remembrances but if you are finding it difficult, leave this until the end. Make it the last thing you say before you toast your bridesmaids. At that stage you are nearly there and you just have a moment or two left to hold the tear.
  • If you are toasting your bride look at her. Clink glassed with her – that moment is about both of you. Don’t leave her sitting there with glass raised like a lemon.

If you want some more help to make sure that your grooms speech is remembered for all the right reasons (and doesn’t end up on Youtube for the wrong reasons!) then you might want to check out this resource.


Grooms Speech Videos


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