Grooms Speech – Wedding Speech Order

Grooms Speech Wedding Speech Order

When Do I Give My Grooms Speech?

Ok, so you know that it is traditional to have a grooms speech at a wedding but where so the speeches start and where do they end. Who speaks first? Who speaks last? When do I speak? You don’t want some disorganized free for all when it is time for the speeches. You can be spontaneous during your speech, if you have the nerves for it but you should make sure you have defined the wedding speech order before the wedding day. Let’s face it we all know that the grooms speech is the most important but you have to give the others a chance. There are some traditions in terms of speech order and I will go through this but with more members of the wedding party giving speeches these days I will also give you a rundown of an expanded structure to take into account other speeches.

Where Does the Grooms Speech Fit in Traditionally?

Traditionally there were only three speeches at a wedding. The three wise men spoke – the father of the bride speech, the grooms speech and the best man speech, in that order. The father of the bride traditionally hosted the wedding and this was the basis for him kicking off the wedding speeches, welcoming the guests etc. The grooms speech came next and this running order gave the groom the opportunity to thank the father of the bride for hosting the wedding and welcoming him to the family. These days the bride and groom may be hosting the wedding or it may be hosted by both the bride and groom’s parents or indeed some other arrangement may be in place. However, I wouldn’t necessarily change the order of the wedding speeches on this basis, although you can of course have the speeches in any order that you want. The last to speak traditionally is the best man. Among other aspects of his speech he will thank the wedding party and give the final (formal) toast of the day to the bride and groom.

Where Does the Grooms Speech Fit in Nowadays?

As I said, these days there can be more speakers including the bride and the father of the groom. I would recommend the following running order which is somewhat based on the traditional model but includes those who might want to speak:

  • Father of the Bride Speech
  • Mother of the Bride Speech
  • Father of the Groom Speech
  • Mother of the Groom Speech
  • Grooms Speech
  • Brides Speech
  • Maid of Honor Speech
  • Groomsmen Speech
  • Best Man Speech

This is not to say that all the above people have to speak. I am just giving you an outline to follow in case they do. The groomsmen, for example, may just be given the task of reading out some greetings sent by people who can’t make it to the wedding. Remember there are no hard and fast rules with regard to the additional speeches. For example, you might want to switch the order of the “Mother” speeches so that they speak before the respective fathers. Your bride may want to speak before you give your grooms speech and I will leave it entirely up to you as to whether you want to argue this one! You might want to give a combined bride and groom speech – let the double act begin!

While I have given you an idea of the traditional and more modern structures for the wedding speech order, you can always decide on the best order that works for your wedding and your wedding party. So many aspects of modern weddings do not follow tradition and you should have the wedding day that you want. Just make sure that you know the speech running order and most importantly when you will be giving your grooms speech.

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